Haworthia splendens cv. Love heart – 17 octombrie 2022

Haworthia splendens cv. Love heart – 17 octombrie 2022

Alătură-te celorlalți 763 de abonați.

Gradina Magica

Cred că viața însăși este magie. Ce poate fi mai minunat decat sa imi pot creiona propria viata?

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  1. Nice and beautiful 😍

    1. thank you for appreciation 🤗

      1. You’re welcome 🤗😁

  2. I have seven plants near me. I brought them home from my old job. No-one would buy. I had to replant twice. They are tropical plants. They triple in size. I loved them.

    1. I am passionate about succulent plants, especially the haworthia species. I have some rare plants in my collection that I am very excited about and that give me joy every day. For me, plants are the real therapy. I am very happy when I meet other plant lovers!

      1. I have two bonsai. They were small when I bought them. Now almost three feet. I believe plants make the room better.

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